Services Offered

At Bromberg Chiropractic we provide corrective chiropractic care to the spine because an optimum spine equals optimum health. Spinal adjustments and other therapies to restore the spine to its optimum configuration. An optimum shaped spine improves health by removing pressure on the nervous system and stimulating brain or central nervous system function.

Chiropractic adjustments that are provided at this office are gentle and safe. The techniques used are Diversified, and Mirror Imaging Drop Table techniques. Drop table sounds harsh but it is actually more gentle than most other techniqes and it is very effective.

We also use stretching techniques to restore the curves in the spine. These techniques range from stretching over a foam block to traction placing a stretch on the spine to allow it to return to its normal optimal configuration. Research has demonstrated that loss of the normal curve in the neck results in direct and damaging pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord.

Rehab exercises in the office using weight machines, treadmill, floor exercises and our new balance exercises to strengthen the core muscles and activate the proprioceptive nervous system. Balance exercises have been demonstrated to improve the function of the brain associated with coordination, posture and even higher brain functions such as concentration, information processing and emotion. Following adjustments many patients have reported improvement in many body functions from more restful sleep and greater concentration to improved respiration and digestion.