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Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point


30 minute   ---------------   $50

45 minute   ---------------   $70

60 minute   ---------------   $85

90 minute   ---------------   $115


NeuroMuscular Therapy


60 minute   ---------------   $100

90 minute   ---------------   $135


Massage Therapies


Deep Tissue Massage


This is a targeted massage addressing specific muscle regions associated with injuries, e.g. sports, car accident or other physical injury. Deep tissue massage treats superficial but also muscles located deeper more structural muscles, tendons and ligaments. Quite often you will experience muscle soreness for a day or two after the massage.


Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is effective in reducing muscle pain, joint stiffness and create a relaxed mental and physical state. Our therapist use techniques incorporating gliding, kneading, tapping, and cross friction.


Sports Massage


Sports massage uses techniques to reduce pain, improve muscle function and joint mobility using manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and other massage techniques.


Myofascial Tissue Release Massage


This style of massage reduces pain and improves muscle function by stretching and releasing the stickiness that can occur between the fascia that encompasses muscle groups and the surrounding muscles, ligaments and other tissues. The therapist will apply shearing forces and skin rolling to release the bonding between the tissues and allow for improved movement in the muscle with less pain.


Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger points are points in the muscle that are caused by stress or injury that result in musculoskeletal pain or headache pain. This therapy involves putting manual pressure or vibration over the part until the trigger point is reduced and stops eliciting pain.


NeuroMuscular Therapy


Our specially trained therapist combines various massage techniques with an analysis of gait, muscle strength and movement and makes recommendations of exercise and diet in order to reduce painful conditions but also improve performance. This therapy is perfect for the athlete with or without injury but looking to improve their efficiency of movement. However, anyone can benefit from the improvement function of your physical body from this specialized therapy.